About us

We are a group of scientists from various disciplines from the Mainz/Wiesbaden region who are committed to protecting the climate. This makes us one of over 26,000 people from the scientific community who signed the Scientists4Future statement in March 2019. Human activity and economic activity are currently causing dangerous and irreversible changes to our climate and ecosystems. These threaten the well-being of us all and the future of human life on Earth. Based on sound scientific evidence, we say: Current measures to protect the climate, species, forests, oceans and soil are far from sufficient. Ambitious and robust policy measures are needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels as quickly as possible and to support the recovery of ecosystems.

Our mission is to communicate scientific findings on effective climate protection to fellow citizens, decision-makers and journalists. To this end, we organize panel discussions and workshops, information stands, other events and cooperate with climate protection groups such as Students4Future, Fridays4Future & Parents4Future. Action must be taken now!

You are welcome!

Our group meetings take place every second Wednesday at 7 pm online or in person. Drop by and become part of the Scientists for Future Mainz/Wiesbaden. We are happy about every committed scientist!

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